A bit of Life Since April

Goodness gracious. Every time that I get on here I realize that I haven’t written in a long time. A lot has been going on since I last wrote in April!

Back in April a few different things were going on. Joe didn’t get a job that he was hoping for. We were really missing Spokane and considering moving back. Detroit Church had just launched its services. And then who knows what else. Here’s an update on some of those things:

First, Joe didn’t get a job that he wanted. But God has been very good through that. After Joe didn’t get that job, it made us once again feel like every 20-something and actually, as I’m told, every person ever, feels. We wondered what the heck we’re supposed to do now. We felt like there was this perfect opportunity and then questioned why God wouldn’t just put Joe in that position. And I am sure there are so many more reasons than we realize, but one stands out most. We started to think about what God has really given us passion for, what we would love to do most, and how we could pursue that. We kept saying that we love the outdoors and students. S0 we started thinking through how we can start taking students camping. Through many more steps, we decided to start pursuing what we call The Adventure Initiative. The mission of The Adventure Initiative is to provide opportunities for young people to experience the outdoors together. In August we went on our first trial trip to see if this is something that the students enjoy and that we would enjoy doing more regularly. We loved it. God blessed the whole thing in more ways than I can say. He brought together the perfect group of leaders and students. The whole time we were saying, “This is going way too smoothly. Nothing has gone wrong!” We had a lot of fun and the students were already asking about future trips that they could go on. We are going on our second trip this weekend – our first all girls trip! We just filed to incorporate The Adventure Initiative as a non-profit organization. We are in the process of planning trips for this summer with the goal of providing an opportunity for 50 middle and high school students to experience the outdoors! You can read more at our website! And you should go like our page on Facebook & Instagram for more updates 🙂

Next: Spokane. We spent our first year back in Michigan missing Spokane an insane amount. We missed our community (if you haven’t already heard that from us a million times), our AMAZING friends, our church, the city itself, the mountains, and everything else that comes with living in the Pacific Northwest. After we got everything rolling a bit with The Adventure Initiative, we felt more compelled to stick around. Plus we loved (and still do love) what was going on at Detroit Church. LIFE Groups started up and we were finally getting plugged in with community. So as we visited Spokane and Montana this summer, we weren’t quite as easily swayed to move back. We definitely discussed it. We had the most amazing time with our church family in Spokane. We loved every single minute of being back. But we also realized that we want to provide opportunities for students back in Michigan to explore all of the beautiful places that are so easily accessible to us in the PNW. Visiting Spokane was great closure for us. It helped us to settle in our thoughts that we should be in Michigan right now. But we still miss our people very much.

And then Detroit Church. We have been so thankful to be a part of this body. As I mentioned, LIFE Groups started up in May. We are a part of a LIFE Group that meets out in the west suburbs of Detroit. It has been great starting to dig in and share life with this group of people. We also have made other great friends through church that we love to be with. Overall, it is exciting to be a part of a church body that we know God is clearly at work within. It has been six months since we launched services and we are excited to continue to see how God works in the city of Detroit to make all things new. As another note… we now have a new location! If you haven’t visited Detroit Church yet (or even if you have), you should come join us at noon on Sundays at the Majestic Theater!

So those are the basic things that I would share if we were catching up. But I will also share that this season has been hard and very discouraging at times. We are both pursuing finding more “real” jobs, and it seems impossible sometimes. I know that God has a place for each of us and that He is going to make that clear. I really do. But it is hard sometimes to be patient and to continue to trust that. But He has always been faithful and has never failed us before. He continues to provide for us and lead us. And even when I don’t realize it, He is bringing clarity to our circumstances and directing us. Not to mention truly teaching us to trust in Him in everything we do – even when it seems extremely unclear. If you would like to be praying for us, we ask that you could pray for some jobs real quick and for us to be able to find a place to live in Detroit. We really would like to live close to our community.

That’s all for now. And ideally I’ll post updates more often, but I do say that every time and it doesn’t seem to happen lately! I would love to catch up with anyone who would like to! We’re thankful for everybody that chooses to share this life with us. Love you all!

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