Life Right Now

I haven’t posted any sort of update in a while, and my last blog back in September after my hip surgery wasn’t written during the happiest time of my life! This post is a little update on what’s going on in our lives & also shares some of what I have been wrestling with in my heart lately.

First of all, my recovery from my hip surgery went very well! This seems so distant to me now, but I figured I would say that since I have not written since then. Shortly after I wrote that last post, things started to get a lot better. I healed quickly and walking was the most amazing thing in the world after the six weeks on crutches! Although, ask Joe and he might have a different story. He believes he just blocked that whole time of life out because it was so difficult haha.

For those of you who don’t know what Joe and I are up to right now: Joe is the full-time building substitute at Southfield Christian School.  As a full-time building sub, he is there every day, whether he is subbing or not, and will help out with office work when he is not in the classroom (we always have to explain what a full-time building sub is). He also coached varsity soccer this past fall and in the spring he will be coaching middle school girls soccer. I have been nannying for two different families. One family has a baby boy who will be one in February, and the other family has nineteen-month-old boy/girl twins. They are all super cute and I love caring for them! Last semester I took two classes toward my MPA at U of M-Dearborn, and this semester I am taking one class, which is Administration of Financial Resources.

Our last significant update is that we have been getting involved with a church plant in Detroit. The church is called The Detroit Church (pretty easy to remember!) and is being planted by the church we grew up at and currently attend, as well as five other churches in the metro-Detroit area. The church launches on April 10, so right now we have been attending weekly launch team meetings downtown and are getting to know the rest of the team! If anybody reading this is from our area and wants to know more about the church, please feel free to contact me!

As I write all of this, I realize once again that we have so many good things happening in our lives right now. I have been losing sight of that far too often. Throughout the past few months, I keep finding myself looking toward the next step of life. As I look toward things like buying a house and having kids and finding a “grown-up” job, I look past all of the amazing things God has blessed us with during this time. He has blessed us with a place to live for FREE (we live with my grandpa and love it there!), He has brought us back to Michigan to spend more time with our families, He has surrounded us with incredible people, given us the cutest and best puppy (had to say it!), and He continues to provide day after day.

The more I have spent time in Scripture, the more content I have felt with our current circumstances. I realize so quickly that when I am not consistent in my time in God’s Word, I quickly switch my focus over to the things of this world. I start to get panicked about ever finding a job at a non-profit or a church and I begin to try to control everything that still is to come. That is basically what I wanted to share: that when we are spending time in Scripture we gain more of an eternal mindset and can see the purpose that God has for us in the little things in everyday life. But when we are not prioritizing His Word, we start to lose focus of everything God is doing in and through us.

I would love if you could be praying that Joe and I would both be so content right where God has us right now. That we would be focused on what each day brings, rather than focusing on the future too much. That we would trust God’s timing with future jobs and all of those other “adult” things.

Please let us know how we can be praying for you! I’m going to try to blog more regularly so I can share a bit more of my heart & what God is teaching me/us, rather than posting updates that cover way too much time & cause me to skip a lot that God is doing!

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