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I love to write out the things that I am learning, but I often find articles that so clearly express what God is teaching me at that time! I usually share posts on Facebook, but every now and then I am going to start posting links on here with a little description of how the article spoke to me. Hopefully you all will enjoy these articles as well!

This article may be titled “10 Things Women Should Know Before Tying the Knot”, but it also serves as a great reminder to those who are already married. Recently I have been struggling with believing lies that I tell myself – things that try to make me believe that I am not enough. I have been trying to get enough affirmation from Joe to make me believe that I am enough. Even though Joe is great at affirming and encouraging me, I will never receive the affirmation I need from him alone. I need to be affirmed through God’s Word and hear that my God loves me no matter what and will always extend grace to me to cover my shortcomings. This article reminded me of a lot of truth that I needed to hear – reminding me that Christ is still always more important than Joe and that I do not need to be a certain kind of wife, but the kind of wife that can best serve Joe.

This is an amazing little article about hospitality. The website is currently doing a series on hospitality. You can check the website daily for more short articles! This one has been my favorite so far. I love being hospitable and making sure that people always feel welcome in our cozy little apartment. This article made me realize that hospitality is not only welcoming our dear friends into our home, but anybody (either friend or stranger) who is seeking a place to find rest. Hospitality always needs to flow from a desire to make Christ known.

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