Alive again

The past few weeks have been pretty interesting for me emotionally. They have been wonderful – full of Jesus, laughter, community, and loving on the adorable kiddos that I nanny. So things have been great and normal, but I didn’t realize until recently that I am currently being awakened from a season where I was spiritually asleep. During this season I wouldn’t have recognized it at all because I was still spending time with Jesus and learning new things about Him.  I was still growing and seeking Him.  The reason that I realize it until now is because I feel more alive and passionate about Jesus than I have in a long time! Now that I am remembering the true life and freedom that Jesus provides, I realize that I have been missing out because I wasn’t embracing Jesus and everything that He offers to us.

Something that has made a huge difference for me is continually reminding myself of the gospel and all of God’s promises. Continually remembering that Jesus extends grace (that we don’t deserve!) to His children in every situation. Thinking through the fact that I used to be a slave to sin until Jesus Christ selflessly gave His life so that I can be free! I know that this is something we hear all of the time, but when I think about how deeply the God of the universe loves me it excites me. I am a child of the King!! When I think about these things my heart begins to feel excited and alive. Thinking about Jesus brings far greater joy than anything that I have experienced on this earth. I am excited to praise Him throughout this lifetime and for eternity! I am thankful that because of Jesus I am able to have eternal life!

I felt a sense of urgency in writing about this because I think it is easy to slide through life spiritually, as I had been doing, and not truly experiencing Jesus and the freedom that comes through knowing Him. Jesus did not come only to give us hope for eternal life, but for life here on earth also. If we are not seeking Him and who He is, we are missing out on the joys of walking with Jesus through this life! Yesterday I was writing a paper that contrasted gods in the Ancient Near East compared to the One True God. One of the books I was reading shared that the Ancient Near Eastern gods were inaccessible and meant to be feared. It made me think about how wonderful God is that He makes Himself accessible to us and wants to be in relationship with us.  He is powerful and awesome (in the true sense of the word), yet He still chooses to love us when we do not deserve it at all. I so often take advantage of how accessible He is to us. I want to encourage you all not to take advantage of this and to start experiencing everything that Jesus offers right now! I know that I will have to continue to remind myself of this as well.

Remind yourself daily that Jesus died for you to give you freedom. The life that He offers is free (He already paid for it on the cross!) and not something that we need to try to earn. He just wants to know you – every part of you, the good and the bad. He loves you for who you are! Talk to Him, ask Him to give you true life, and continue to seek to know Him more each day!

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