Our love is growing through the trials

The past couple weeks have been a lot of fun. Joe and I got some board games that have been keeping us entertained, and most of our friends finally started to arrive back in Spokane! It has been so fun to be able to have people over in our little apartment for meals and movie nights. There has been a lot of laughter and love.

Joe and I have both been realizing that love truly does not have a limit. Neither of us could have imagined loving each other more on our wedding day, but as we continue to live life side by side, our love for each other has continued to grow, which I am so thankful for.  It has been beautiful to see that through the hardship and trials of marriage (where our selfishness and sin come out so regularly), it actually leads us to know each other more intimately and therefore love each other deeper and more freely – as we don’t need to hold back who we actually are.  This has helped both of us to understand the gospel even more. Joe and I are able to show our whole selves to each other (both the great qualities and the things that we are ashamed of), and through the process of knowing both of those sides, our relationship becomes deeper, more meaningful, and full of love.  This is exactly how our relationships with our Heavenly Father are.  His love for us is so deep and sacrificial, that there is absolutely no part of us that is too bad or ugly for Him to forgive.  As we come to Him with these filthy parts of us that we are ashamed of, He showers us with love, forgiveness, and grace.  We do not have to be ashamed!  Our God is far greater than we will ever comprehend, and His love has no boundaries.  I encourage you all to run toward the Father with all of the things that you feel are too much to be forgiven, and to experience what true grace is.  This relationship is unlike any earthly relationship because it is Christ alone who can offer true love, grace, and forgiveness. As much as Joe and I have loved getting to know each other on a deeper level and seeing our love grow, we know that if we did not regularly receive God’s love, grace, and forgiveness, we would not be able to love each other in this way. We truly need to lean on Him!

On another note, this week Joe and I have been staying at Yellowstone Christian College in Billings, Montana for Moody’s leadership retreat.  Joe is running intramurals at school this year, so he is a part of the council of student leadership.  I am just here because I am his wife, since I am not even a student at Moody-Spokane anymore!  For those of you who don’t know, I am finishing up my final two classes online right now and then I will be finished with my Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies. Wooo! Joe is completing his final year of school, and I am so excited to see what he is going to learn as he continues to study theology!  I have loved getting to know new people on this retreat, and I am eagerly waiting to see what new relationships are going to blossom this coming year in Spokane.

That is a little update on what’s going on with Team Schubring! I do want to thank many of you for your encouragement and support as I have been writing these blogs.  My desire truly is to be transparent and honest with you all – and it means a lot to me to receive encouragement when I am sharing things that we are struggling with.  This post is a happier one, and I love that because marriage truly is wonderful even through the trials.


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