It’s all about grace

The past couple weeks have been great! We have continued to get settled into our apartment in Spokane. I have found that Joe is a very quick & efficient organizer & unpacker, but I tend to take my time and slowly go through everything and reflect on all of the memories associated with each item. Joe has been very patient – but I finally got everything put away a couple days ago! I am in my third week of nannying now and I absolutely love it! I love the kids and could not be happier about caring for them all the time!

This past weekend was my favorite part of our time back in the Northwest so far. Thursday-Saturday we took a trip to Mount Rainier National Park. I cannot even explain how in awe of the beauty we were! I highly recommend you take a trip there if you have the time, or just come out to Spokane to visit & we will take you!! Here are a couple photos from our trip. We decided that we are going to take our wedding cake topper on all of our adventures with us and take photos of them in each location. On Instagram we began a hashtag for them, which is #TinyTeamSchubring.

tiny team schubring mt rainier


(The bear grass covering the fields on our hike was SOO beautiful!)

Although our marriage so far has been incredible, naturally everything hasn’t been perfect. I would love if everything has been perfect, but I do recognize that without struggles there would be no need for growth, so I do thank God for the little (and big) struggles!

The main thing that I have been struggling with is setting too high of expectations for myself as a wife and person.  I think I had an image in my mind of cooking perfect meals at the perfect time after working all day and constantly getting everything done that needs to be done. I realize how unrealistic that is for me right now. I have been very hard on myself since I set high expectations and have not been able to meet them. Joe constantly has been reassuring me that the expectations I have are not from him, but just simply in my mind. He came across a quote at the perfect time that says, “When we quit seeking change and begin to seek grace, we let go of our frantic effort to be like someone else, and we discover a blessed peace with who we are. Finally.” (Quote from Dr. Kelly Flanagan).

I truly needed to reflect on that quote and I still continue to. I have been so busy trying to be a “better, more wifely” version of myself that I began to completely tear apart the beautiful person that God created me as. I have been reminded that as I rest in God’s grace, I can finally be at peace with who I am in His eyes & how much He loves me as His precious child. I am enough!!

I am so thankful that I have a husband who leads me toward God’s grace and truth when I am struggling with the ways of this world. I know that neither of us would have any sort of patience or grace to show each other if we weren’t personally over satisfied with the love and grace that God constantly pours out on us. I do look forward to getting better at meal planning and other things that were in my vision of being a wife, too! Joe and I have truly been a team as we get things done together around the apartment. Yay, Team Schubring!!

If any of you have any prayer requests, we would love to be praying for you!! You can either comment on this post or call/text either of us to share what you need prayer for. I think right now I am going to add a page to this blog for prayer requests that you can submit anonymously or with your name. We love you all soooo much & are so thankful for your support!

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